Mike Guggenmos

Founder / Owner / Captain

Mike is passionate about public safety in all aspects. Over half his life has been dedicated to protecting and serving the public and providing gainful employment to numerous wonderful Security Officers.

Aside from professionalism being a huge focus for Mike, education is always on his mind while growing Guardian Security. Mike says “Educated officer’s provide a better public service and outcome when they are confident in their abilities and duties. Not to mention the officer’s safety and the public’s is much greater when officer’s are properly trained in their field of work.”

Mike is a Certified Armed Dpsst Officer through the State of Oregon, Executive Manager, City of Eugene C.E.R.T. Member, Retired Dpsst Unarmed Instructor, Board Member for the Criminal Justice Program at Pioneer Pacific College, Unarmed Committee Member for The Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, ID verification and Fraudulent ID trainer, First Aid CPR and OLCC certified, along with many other certs we won’t list here.

Mike continues to work side by side with his employees and believes to prevail as a leader you must be on the front lines with your Army. Sitting behind a desk is just unacceptable in his eyes to be a leader! Day in and day out you’ll see Mike and his Guardian’s protecting the Emerald City streets of Eugene Oregon and surrounding areas.

24/7/365 Guardian has your six! Stay Safe Everyone!

Darryl Z Fink

Lieutenant / Lead Supervisor

I was born and raised in Rochester NY, moved to Syracuse NY in 1996 and made the move to Oregon in 2010 to be closer to family who live in Eugene, OR.

While making the move I remained with the same Company, an Industrial Chemical Manufacturer where I was an account Manager and Trainer for 13 years. 2 months after making the move, the company shut down the West Coast division, leaving me unemployed in a severe economic downturn.

After months of looking for employment I met Mike Guggenmos (owner of Guardian Security and Protection Services, LLC) on a social level and the conversation soon turned to his business. One thing led to another and he offered me the chance to work part-time as an Alcohol Monitor.

In short order Mike saw something in me and recommended that I obtain my Security license to work as a Security Officer. After a few months Mike next suggested that I obtain my Supervisory/Managers license.

My current position at Guardian Security & Protection Services is Lieutenant and Lead Supervisor.

My background in sales and years of working in the bar/hospitality industry quickly transferred to the Security field allowing me to use my life experience in conjunction with the in depth training provided by Guardian Security to help provide the most professional Security services possible.

Through marriage I am lucky enough to have 2 step-kids and 5 grandchildren. We have 2 dogs and enjoy spending time at home or exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My wife and I own a home in Springfield and have enjoyed putting down new roots here and making great new friends.